Budget Documents and Presentations for next fiscal year

Budget Documents and Presentations for the next fiscal year

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FY19 Superintendent Proposed Budget Please see the Superintendent's Proposed Budget. The Board of Education will consider this budget in their planning, development, and adoption of the Board of Education "Adopted" budget by February 21st at which time it must be provided to the Town. 
2018-1-23 Presentation to the Town Council Information was presented to the Town council on the FY19 Superintendent Proposed budget. Information provided on requested staff, SRBI-RTI, Special Education expenditures, Outplacement data, Per Pupil Expenditure, Tuition rates, Projected Class Size, Teacher Compensation comparative data, Insurance package comparative data (teacher), Enrollment projections, facilities costs (per building), End of Year actuals 11-17, Multi-Year Comparative Data 07-17, TPS Economic Impact rough data
BOE Q and A document Questions posed by the BOE regarding the budget.