There are several methods and ways of reporting on student learning within the district.  Achievement is measured or monitored within the district on a daily basis.  Units of study also have benchmark assessments given at the end of each unit.  Report cards in pre-kindergarten through grade five are standards-based, reporting on learning in categories derived from state standards.   The non-academic learning skills of participation and engagement, behavior, and work completion are broken out separately in these grades.  In grades six through twelve grades are given traditionally. 

Learning is measured by the state and nationally through Connecticut Mastery Tests (Grades 3-8) and the Connecticut Academic Performance Test (Grade 10) and possibly through national tests such as Advanced Placement (AP) tests and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).  Specialized tests include the LAS Links, the CogAT and the NOCTI test.  The LAS Links test measures English as a second language ability, the CogAT  is an ability test, and the NOCTI test  is a high school test for measuring achievement in career and technical education.   

CMT and CAPT Score Summaries