Accounting II

Business courses are offered in Tolland Public Schools in High School.  Students learn some keyboarding/word processing in the lower grades and by eighth grade should have learned appropriate fingering as well as MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and basic web page construction.  Courses in the high school are aimed at providing the opportunity for students to learn basic economic and consumer systems that play a central role in our society.  All business teachers monitor student learning numeracy - the application of mathematics to business and personal finances, and literacy - the abilty to read, write, speak, listen, and view.

Units of Instruction

Chapters 1 and 2-Simulation Review

Chapter 3-Cash, Short Term Investments and Account Receivables

Chapter 4-Notes Receivables

Chapter 5-Accounting for Inventories

Chapter 6-Property Plant and Equipment

Chapter 7-Notes Payable

Chapter 9-Stockholders' Equity

Chapter 10-Stockholders' Equity:  Earnings and Distributions

Chapter 11-Worksheets, Adjustments and Financial Statements

Chapter 12-Analyzing and Interpreting Financial Statements

Chapter 14-Partnerships:  Formation, Dissolution and Liquidation

Chapter 15-Partnerships: Division of Profits and Losses

Chapter 21-Manufacturing Accounting

Chapter 22-Job Order Cost Accounting