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Parenting is a tough job, we ALL need support along the way!!

 Free Live Online Parenting Classes

Reduce family stress

Build strong connections

Get Kids to Listen and cooperate
Without Raising Your Voice


Classes for Tolland Residents Sponsored by Tolland Family Resource Center and Tolland Youth Services       

Recordings of all live classes are made available within 48 hours of the scheduled class time. PASSWORD:TownPeace2019.

JAN 8, 8:15 pm: Putting it all together: Parenting Check-up (Birth – teens)

JAN 10, 8:15 pm: 5 Mindful Habits to Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness

JAN 14, 8:15 pm: Get ready for Childcare/Pre-K: Ensure a positive transition for you and your child

JAN 15, 8:15 pm: Manage Screen Time: End the Power Struggles

JAN 21, 8:15 pm: Wellness on the Run: Quick, Real Life Strategies for Parents of Young Children

JAN 22, 8:15 pm: FREE Live Online Class: How to Take the Stress Out of Parenting

JAN 23, 8:15 pm: Positive Discipline for Peace at Home (For parents of children ages 2 - 12)

JAN 28, 8:15 pm: Free Q&A Session for All Online Class Participants

FEB FEB 4, 12 noon: Establece un ambiente de cooperación (2-12 años)

CLASS RECORDINGS (check the website for more titles!) 
• Help Your Child Feel Safe in a Complicated World
• Positive Discipline for Peace at Home
• Blended Families: Does it ever get easier?
• School Success: Inspire Motivation
• Self-Regulation: Teach &Model 
• Neuroscience of Early Childhood
• Routines, Chores & Family Meetings
• Help Kids with ADHD or Autism Connect
• Mindfulness &Parenting
• Money & Kids
• Take the Stress Out of Parenting
• Emotional Intelligence:Teach & Model




A full list of live online classes and class recordings is available at


ALL CLASSES INCLUDE ONGOING SUPPORT: Participants are invited to join a private Facebook group to connect with other parents working on similar issues. Teachers are available to comment and answer questions. 

BONUS: Participants have access to a free monthly Q&A session at which teachers provide follow-up and guidance as parents apply new approaches. Upcoming Q&A Sessions: November 14, 8:15 pm; December 6, 8:15 pm

For more information contact: Laurel Leibowitz at 860-870-6750, ext. 30215 or or Nancy Dunn at

Peace At Home TOLLAND Q4 2018.pdf


Monday and Wednesday evenings 5:30-8:30 PM

(English As a Second Language)

at the Tolland Family Resource Center, Birch Grove School , 247 Rhodes Rd, Tolland, CT

 Do you want to learn English?

Do you want to practice speaking, reading, and writing English?

Do you want to practice with other adults?

Do you want to have fun and make new friends in the community?

 If you are interested, please contact Laurel Leibowitz at (860) 870-6750 x 30215.

Classes are offered in partnership with Vernon Regional Adult Based Education