Register Student Pre K

Tolland Public Schools

for Pre-K Students

This registration is only for students previously accepted through the lottery program.

PLEASE NOTE:  Registration for children entering school for the 2020-2021 school year will begin AFTER MARCH 8, 2020.


Before proceeding, please read Tolland's Residency Procedures
by clicking HERE

1.  Download the following forms.

 Written Consent and Parent Permission for Connecticut School-Based Child Health

• Health Assessment Record Part I
• Health Assessment Record Part II - Medical Evaluation
• Immunization Record
• Birch Grove Authorization for Release of Requested Information
• Special Transportation Form (Special Ed Students Only)


2. Fill out forms, scan/image, and save in a location to retrieve later.  

    (For information about how to take a picture of registration documents 
    and upload them click this video HERE.)


3. Click the link below to begin registration:
     School Year 2020-2021  Registration Link HERE

     • If you have not previously created an account, please click the “Create Account” button.

     • After providing all necessary information and creating a password, click on “Create
        Account” and proceed to the next screen. 

NOTE:  Please remember the email address and password that you used for your account, as you will need both in the future for any modifications.

     • Fill in the demographic information using the student’s full legal name.

     • Click “Next” at the bottom of each new screen.

     • You may continue to edit, upload docs, etc., logging out and back into   the site to do so
       until you hit the final “Submit” button as below.

NOTE:  Please be sure to upload all the required documents prior to clicking "Submit."

     • On the final screen, please verify your information and click “Submit.”


NOTE:  For ALL student registrations, please call the school directly at 860-870-6750 to schedule an appointment to complete your registration.