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Adult night!! POSITIVE PARENTING WEBINAR SHOWING AND DISCUSSION June 6, 6:15 at Tolland Public Library. Refreshments will be served.

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Positive Discipline for Peace At Home

Free Parenting Workshop About Children 2 - 12 Years Old

brought to you by

Tolland Family Resource Center and Tolland Youth Services

 6:15 PM, Wednesday June 6, 2018

Tolland Public Library, 21 Tolland Green, Tolland CT


  • Is your child spending too much time in “time out”? 
  • Are you concerned that you are too strict or too easy? 
  • Do you sometimes think there must be a better way?


Children raised with positive discipline cooperate more consistently. They also tend to be more confident and have closer relationships with their parents.


You will discover myths that may be keeping you repeating the same behaviors that don’t work and often increase misbehavior. Are you yelling, threatening, nagging, lecturing or punishing because you can't figure out what else to do? This workshop provides evidence based, straight forward strategies that will increase cooperation and calm in your home.


This online class will be presented by Peace At Home founder, Ruth E. Freeman, LCSW and an in-person discussion will be facilitated by Aaron Weintraub, MS, Director of Kids Cooperate.

 Ruth Ettenberg Freeman is a licensed clinical social worker who has taught parenting education to hundreds of parents annually over the past 30 years. She is co-founder of the Connecticut Parenting Education Network and lead author of Building Family Futures, a University of Connecticut train-the-trainer parenting education curriculum. Ruth freely and humorously shares the real-life blunders, challenges and successes she has experienced applying positive parenting as a mom, stepmom, foster mom and “Nana”.


Aaron WeintraubMS is director of Kids Cooperate in Tolland, CT and behavior specialist at Holiday Hill Camp in Mansfield, CT. His perspective draws from an integration of practical therapies and philosophies that share a strengths based approach and a focus on practical, evidence based techniques tailored to the individual needs of the child and family. Aaron is a dad and Peace At Home teacher and coach.


Reduce family stress

Build strong connections

Get your kids to cooperate without yelling


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