Lunch Menus

Students will be offered five meal components: a meat or meat alternate; a whole grain rich grain; a variety of fresh & canned fruit selections; raw or cooked vegetables (may choose two); and low-fat or fat-free milk (plain or flavored). 

Each child must select at least three of the five components, including a fruit or vegetable to create a meal. Without a fruit or vegetable, a la carte prices must be charged for each item.

Birch Grove Primary School

Tolland Intermediate School

Tolland Middle School

Tolland High School

Remote Learning Menu

Breakfast Menu - Only at Birch Grove Primary School and Tolland Intermediate School

Available from 8:30 - 8:50 each day. Students will pick up their meal in the cafeteria and bring it to the classroom to eat. There are a variety of breakfast items offered daily - see the last page of the lunch menu for menu items and additional information.