Current Unified Classroom Users
Click the link above or bookmark the following URL if you are currently using Unified Classroom.

Have Account, New to Unified Classroom
If you have created a PowerSchool account prior to February 9, 2018, but have not logged into the Unified Classroom, please use the link below to create your Unified Classroom account.
Follow the steps below to create your Unified Classroom account:
  1.  Click on Parent Sign In
  2.  Scroll down and click on Create PowerSchool ID
  3.  Enter your current login information
  4.  Click Next
  5.  Click Continue
  6.  Enter your email (which will now be your username)
  7.  Create a password
  8.  Click Create

No PowerSchool Parent Account
If you are new to the district and/or have never created a PowerSchool account, use the link below to create a new PowerSchool account.  You will need to have your student(s) access IDs and passwords to create this account.  If you do not have this information, please contact the Educational Technology Office at (860) 870-6818, extension 10804 for assistance.