Math Pathway

The chart below captures the most common course pathways. However, a student’s course sequence may change over time depending on interests, skill development, and achievement levels. 

An Algebra 1-Geometry-Algebra 2 sequence will meet the entrance requirements of most 4-year colleges, although additional courses are recommended for students considering college majors in mathematics, science, engineering, and other related fields.

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Grade 8 is equivalent to the CP Algebra 1A high school course. Algebra 1AB in Grade 8 is equivalent to the Algebra 1A and Algebra 1B high school courses. To be successful in Algebra at this level, students should have consistently demonstrated mastery of the prerequisite mathematical concepts as well as the ability to comprehend and perform abstract mathematical tasks, including high level reasoning in problem solving situations. Successful completion of Algebra 1A in 8th grade prepares a student to take CP Algebra 1B freshman year. Successful completion of Algebra 1AB in 8th grade prepares a student to take CP or Honors Geometry freshman year. 

Because Algebra 1 (A and B) is a foundational course for all future study of mathematics, it is important that students are well-prepared and have mastered the prerequisite skills. Therefore, if a student’s performance is a C or lower in Grade 8 Algebra 1A or 1AB, it may be recommended that she or he repeat Algebra 1A or Algebra 1B at Tolland High School.