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  Here you will find valuable information about the Math Common Core State Standards and resources to support your child throughout this academic endeavor!  Be sure to check out the list of online games to practice math skills!

What is Math Support?


Many parents have questions  about what exactly occurs in math support.  Below is a list of commonly asked questions.  If your question is not answered please do not hesitate to contact me!

1.  What is math support?

Math support is small group instruction that occurs in the "Learning Lab."  Math support focuses on skills that have been taught in the previous grade level(s). Focusing on these skills supports student learning in the classroom and fills any "gaps" in student knowledge and understanding. 

2. How is my student chosen to participate in math support?

The selection is based on district assessments,  teacher assessments/observations and a math inventory screening.

3.  When does my student attend math support?

Students attend math support during their learning lab block.  This block is a set time in the day where content area re-teaching occurs and students receive extra support in or outside the classroom.

4.  How long does math support last a day?

Math support is approximately 25 minutes long.  This is in addition to the student's normal math block.

5.  Is my student in math support forever?

Not necessarily.  Math support runs in intervals of time based on student need. As students master the concepts in math support they are reevaluated and exited.  Some students will only attend math support for a few sessions, while some students may attend math support for every session.  

6.  What does my student do in math support?

In math support, your student is working on mastering the concepts they were previously taught and/or expected to know as a prerequisite to the grade level math content. Here in the math lab we believe in having fun and using partner activities and games as tools for learning. 



Meet the

Common Core


Below is a link to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for mathematics.

Math Resources
Below are various online and printable activities to improve math skills. 

Various Skills: 


Problem Solving:

Parent Sites:

Enrichment Ideas:


Math Fluency (with Resources)Picture


With the new CCSS, there is a large focus on math fluency.  

What is fact fluency?  Fact fluency is essentially knowing a fact with automaticity.  The CCSS recommends that students be able to answer a basic fact in about 3 seconds.  For older grades, fluency refers to being able to quickly and correctly solve multi-digit problems using the operations. To the left is a chart that shows the focus for fact fluency in each grade.

Websites and Ideas for Improving Fact Fluency

Online activities for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division fluency practice:
*These websites allow you to practice ALL operations, not necessarily at the same time*
Online activities for addition fact fluency practice:

Online activities for subtraction fact fluency practice:
Online activities for multiplication fact fluency practice:
Online activities for division fact fluency practice:
Other Resources:
iPhone and iPad apps:
  • Math Bingo
  • Pop Math
  • Math Evolve