What is FRC?

What is a Family Resource Center?

What are Family Resource Centers?

The Connecticut Family Resource Center concept promotes comprehensive, integrated, community-based systems of family support and child development services located in public school buildings. This model is based on the "Schools of the 21st Century" concept developed by Dr. Edward Zigler of Yale University.

Family Resource Centers provide access, within a community, to a broad continuum of early childhood and family support services which foster the optimal development of children and families. They offer parent education and training; family support; preschool and school-age child care; positive youth development services; including teen pregnancy prevention; and family day-care provider training.

What is the Philosophy?

Family Resource Centers embody the underlying concept that healthy development and good education begin with access to quality child care and support services from birth. This concept fosters the development of a system for child care and family support that takes advantage of the physical accessibility of the public school. The school is an institution that is know to, recognized by and accessible to all families. The model offers preschool programs with operating hours that are consistent with parents' schedules. the Connecticut model offers flexibility, in that family support and child-care services can be administered by the school or by community-based agencies on behalf of the school.

Families Resource Centers are expected to prevent an array of childhood and adolescent problems by strengthening effective family management practices and establishing a continuum of child care and support services that children and parents need. By using local public school buildings and resources, Family Resource Centers, with the collaboration of the school system, are able to better prepare children and families for success.

School-based Family Resource Centers collaborate with the many resources in their communities, including child care providers, School Readiness Councils, local United Ways and service providers of the Departments of Social Services and Children and Families.

This philosophical foundation is designed to provide the best possible start for children and families of all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups living in communities in which Family Resource Centers are located. Like the public school system, Family Resource Centers provide a common ground for all families to benefit from the services offered, and a unique opportunity for families of diverse cultures and backgrounds to share and learn from each other.

Who is eligible for Services?

All families who reside in the designated service area, regardless of income, are eligible for services offered by the center. Some services may require a family contribution based on a fee scale established by the center or school.