CCP/Baking and Pastry Arts

Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) are offered in Tolland Public Schools in grades six through twelve.  FCS helps students understand basic nutrition and food preparation, the sequence and skills necessary in the development of well-adjusted children, the decision-making process necessary in making intelligent choices as a consumer, life skills necessary to be a responsible family member and citizen in the community, basic clothing maintenance and construction, and careers and career choices.

Units of Instruction

Basic Principles of Practicing Safety and Sanitation Laws of Connecticut

Basic Principles Unit: Baking Ingredients and Adjustments

Basic Principles Unit: Measuring, Gluten Development, and Staling

Study and Preparation of Cakes, Icings, Syrups, and Sauces

Study and Preparation of Custards, Pudding, Mousses, and Frozen Desserts

Study and Preparation of Fruit Dessert and Dessert Presentation

Study and Preparation of Pies and Pastries

Study and Preparation of Quick Breads

Study and Preparation of Yeast Dough