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Budget Documents and Presentations FY20

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Budget Calendar
Superintendent Proposed Budget FY22

The Superintendent Proposes a Budget to the Board of Education for its consideration. This budget was provided to the Board of Education on 1-13-2021 in accordance with the budget calendar. This budget is for the 2021-2022 Fiscal Year.

Data Points

Information on Median Income, Assigned and Unassigned Fund Balance, Mill Rate, BOE Budget 6 year trend, Bond Rating, Per Pupil Expenditure Ranking, Teacher Compensation information/ranking, Teacher Loss FY06 to FY20  focus on teaching staff, Tolland Income Distribution. (1/13/2021 update)
TC/BOE Meeting Superintendent presentation
Joint Town Council - Board of Education Meeting - an overview presentation was provided to begin the meeting. 

FY 2019-2020
Adjusted Budget 
2020-4-29 Phase I Proposal  This proposal was presented in the April 29, 2020 Special Session of the Board of Education. Information provided by the Town Council in its meeting of 4-28-2020 was considered and this proposal was made to provide early preliminary projections and a way forward for the BOE and Town Council. 
2020-5-6 Mid-Phase Update (I to II)

C.Griffin SideBySide
This information was compiled with information available at the point of the 5-6-2020 BOE Special Meeting on the budget.

Also included, C.Griffin's SideBySide Option A / B document
2020-5-13 Phase II Update

This information was provided as the second of three reports culminating on 5/27. This Phase II document provides information about the potential TC budget determinations and EOY, ERF, and Transfer possibilities.
2020-5-21 Joint TC - BOE Meeting Phase III 5/20 update document This was information discussed at FFC as part of the 5/20 meeting also shared at the joint BOE/TC meeting and as such is a snapshot at this point in time.
2020-5-27 Phase III Recommendations

Presented as Item H.1 of 5/27 BOE meeting and last the "phase" documents for the BOE to consider for March in the budget discussion.
2020-6-10 Phase III Recommendations approved by the BOE for action

The Board of Education approved recommendations 1 through 5 and directed the Superintendent to act to execute the recommendations
Information on Policy 3010 (Budget Procedures and Transfers)

Information on the Board of Education Policy (3010) on Board procedures and transfers. This document provides a section by section breakdown of Policy 3010 and articulates BOE practices. 
Tolland Business Academy Initial Prospectus This is an initial Tolland Business Academy prospectus. It provides a general overview of the concept as well as general funding and legal considerations.
Class of 2018 College Attendance
(update pending)
This is a list of the schools Tolland High School students were accepted to EOY 2018. 
Community Facts (update pending) Demographic data for Tolland
Enrollment Projections Projections on enrollment for the next few years (as well as this year's enrollment)
Labor Data for Tolland (update pending) Labor information for Tolland and other communities 
Pay to Participate (update pending) Pay to Participate information and trend (to be updated)
Projected Compensation
(update pending)
FY20 Projected Compensation
Teacher Compensation Information (Also see Datapoints above)




Compiled by W.Willett

  • 59th lowest of 71 settlements in the State (About 83% received a higher settlement)

  • 124/178 for BA minimum (About 70% receive higher settlement for compensation steps)
  • 174/178 BA maximum (About 97% receive higher settlement for compensation steps)
  • è 9 teachers in this group


  • 144/178 MA min (About 81% receive higher settlement for compensation steps)
  • 97/178 MA max (About 54% receive higher settlement for compensation steps)
  • è 155 teachers in this group


  • 160/178 Sixth Min (About 90% receive higher settlement for compensation steps)
  • 97/178 Sixth Max (About 54% receive higher settlement for compensation steps)
  • è 38 Teachers in this group

Note: Data provided by legal/research firm.
(update pending) Per Pupil Expenditure Tolland Ranks as one of the lowest in Per Pupil Expenditure (rank of 130 of 166).