Mobile Device


Before trying to use the mobile app, it is highly recommended that you sign in the first time using a desktop/laptop. Please see the Parents menu on the left for directions.

Download PowerSchool Mobile from the App Store.

1. Open the app.

2. 'Allow' if you wish to get notifications.

PowerSchool Mobile Notification

3. Enter the District Code (WDMT)

PowerSchool Mobile Code

4. Select

5. Select if you are a 'Parent'

PowerSchool Parent or Student

6. Log in using your email address as the username and password.

PowerSchool Login

To log in to the PowerSchool Mobile app on your mobile device, following the steps below:

1.  Download PowerSchool Mobile from the App Store
2.  Open the app
3.  Select "Allow" for PowerSchool Notifications
4.  Enter District Code (WDMT)
5.  Continue
6.  Enter your username.  NOTE:  your Tolland email address
7.  Password: your Microsoft password (the one you use to log onto your device)