Math (Old Version)

Tolland Public Schools

 K – 12 Mathematics Vision

The Tolland Public Schools are communities of  learners who are able to independently use their learning to interpret and persevere in solving mathematical problems using strategic thinking and expressing answers with a degree of precision appropriate for the problem context. Our learning community will foster and promote the development of problem solving and reasoning skills through the use of mathematical models and multiple representations (e.g., numerical, visual, graphical, algebraic, and verbal), authentic real world problem solving, analytical thinking and use of  technology to support mathematical inquiry.

Tolland Public Schools is dedicated to providing the highest quality mathematics education for every student. We offer our students academic challenges along with support to help them succeed. We encourage them to develop problem-solving abilities which transcend the confines of the field of mathematics. We share and promote the belief that mathematics holds an important place in the history of humanity and a valuable one in the future of all human beings.

Supervisor of Mathematics, K-12 Jen Webster [email protected]
860-870-6850 extension 6

Adrienne Ernest Secretary to the Curriculum Supervisors [email protected]
(860) 870-6850 extension 6