What do we use to teach Reading?

What do we use to teach reading in the Tolland Public Schools?

In the Tolland Public Schools, we believe that learning to read is an excursion into the unknown and every student should wield the inspirational power of literacy. To facilitate this endeavor, we utilize the Journeys 2017 reading program in grades 1-4.  This program helps prepare students for the reading demands they will encounter during their educational odyssey.  Journeys 2017 provides an instructional system for reading both literature and informational texts, reinforcing foundational skills and developing mastery in speaking, listening, and writing.

In grades 5-7, we have adopted the Wit and Wisdom program. This program is a novel-based program that infuses literature, history, art, and science into its modules. Wit and Wisdom helps students build rich layers of knowledge as students experience complex texts and ideas.  Students are encouraged to develop a deep level of understanding fostered by a questioning spirit that will shape them into critical thinkers and writers. This program has been introduced, starting in fifth grade, and we have added a grade each year.