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 LGBTQIA+ Presentation from Shipman and Goodwin (BOE Attorney) Click here  Presentation by BOE Attorney regarding State and Federal requirements regarding LGBTQIA+ and Transgender Civil Rights.
Draft Staff Guidelines to Support TNB students Click here Draft Guidelines for staff - Feedback being collected through July 14, 2023.
UPDATED Staff Guidelines to Support TNB students Click here These are the updated guidelines through August 23, 2023. 
Feedback requested on draft staff guidelines Click here Feedback requested from parent/guardians. After July 14, 2023 Superintendent Willett reviews feedback with district attorney to make adjustments within what is allowed by legal requirements.
6/26 Slides 
from Superintendent Q&A 
Click here These are the basic overview slides (meeting information) for the Superintendent community Q&A on June 26, 2023 in the Tolland Public Library Program room. 
Communication on Guidelines (in Superintendent Newsletter(s) Click here June newsletter item.
Communication of 6/26 workshop and offer to meet with individuals and/or groups Click here Community Q&A for June 26, 2023 notification & offer to meet with individuals or groups for additional Q&As (in addition to future community workshops to be announced).
CSDE Documents Please see documents to right
Additional Information BOE Agendas
Please see BOE, Policy and Communications agendas and minutes for additional resources and information:
March 8, 2023 BOE meeting 
March 22, 2023 Policy Meeting
May 9, 2023 Policy Meeting 
May 22, 2023 Communications meeting
June 26, 2023 Communications meeting
June 28, 2023 Policy Meeting 
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