Middle School Math Placement

Math Placement

Tolland Public Schools has developed this page to assist parents and students in understanding how math placement is determined. 

By its nature, mathematics is sequential; so it is very important that students have successful experiences, building the prerequisite skills and conceptual understanding at each step along their journey in mathematics. Optimal learning occurs when a student is placed at their instructional level with an appropriate degree of challenge.

At their own instructional level, a student is challenged to reach beyond his or her current ability level. If a student is placed in a course that falls outside of their instructional zone (too little challenge or too great a challenge), no growth or learning may occur.

When the classroom teacher makes their placement recommendations, the goal is to match students to courses in which they will experience the most learning and the highest achievement in the most appropriate setting for their ability and motivation. Our goal is to find the “just right” course for each individual student. Students and parents are urged to give careful consideration to the teacher's recommendations for course placement. The decisions are made very carefully and are based on evidence and experience.

It is also important to remember that a math pathway is fluid and can change from year to year, based on student growth, performance, readiness, and motivation.