Reflex Math and IXL

Reflex Math

Reflex Math
is an award-winning research-based system that helps students to develop instant, effortless recall of math facts in all four operations (addition,subtraction, multiplication and division). 

Reflex Math is also designed to be the most FUN. With fast-paced games for students and rewards for effort and progress, students keep coming back for more!

Reflex's adaptive online system continuously monitors performance and creates an optimal learning experience for every child. Parents/guardians have access to reports that help you understand your child's progress at a glance.

Developing automaticity (recall of a math fact within 3 seconds) with math facts will help you pave the way for your child's success on topics from fractions to algebra, and beyond. 

Reflex Math provides:
• A highly adaptive environment that continually adjusts to create the optimal learning experience for every child
• Fun and motivational game-based learning, so students enjoy using the program and take pride in their success
• Outstanding results for students of all ability levels 

*Students in grades 1-5 and subsets of students in grades 6-8 will use Reflex Math


IXL supports students learning by providing ample self selected or assigned math practice. The content spans grades and concepts from PreK to Calculus. Students who use IXL regularly gain fluency and confidence in math! IXL helps students master essential skills at their own pace through fun and interactive questions, built in support, and motivating awards.

*Students in kindergarten - grade 5 and subsets of students in grades 6-8 will use IXL.

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