Careers Cluster Wheel

Student Success Plans

 The Student Success Plan (SSP) is an individualized student driven plan that is being developed to address every student’s needs and interests, to help every student stay connected in school and to achieve postsecondary educational and career goals.  The SSP begins in sixth grade and continues through high school.  It provides support and assistance to the student in setting goals for social, emotional, physical and academic growth, meeting rigorous high school expectations, and exploring postsecondary education and career interests.  The Student Success Plan and supporting structures such as student portfolios and academic/personal records are electronic and portable, and can follow the student from school to school and district to district.

 Career Pathways Cluster Wheel

Core Components of the Student Success Plan

The Student Success Plan (SSP) is built around three core components:  Academic Development, Career Development, and Social, Emotional and Physical Development. 

 I.        Academic Development

Student interest and aspiration are the basis for the development of the student’s academic program.  A planned academic program leads to the acquisition of the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to be an effective learner in school and across the life span.  The Student Success Plan is designed to ensure the students complete their secondary education with 21st century skills, including the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills necessary to compete in the global economy.

 Specific Goals:

  • Selection of rigorous courses linked to interest, skills and career pathways
  • Selection of courses for the attainment of education and/or career goals
  • Progress toward successful completion of Portfolio or Capstone Projects
  • Ongoing support and assessment of progress with mentor/advisor
  • Provision of timely intervention

 II.      Career Development

The student investigates his or her own interests and abilities as they relate to the world of work in the dynamic global economy.  The customized plan includes varied and flexible educational opportunities, personal connections, and elective coursework, and targeted supports tied to each student’s education and/or career goals.  The Student Success Plan, which guides students through secondary education on to postsecondary education and/or work, allows students to make better career choices with the academic foundation to achieve their career and personal goals.

 Specific Goals:

  • Interest and ability inventories
  • Career exploration activities and elective courses
  • Postsecondary education and career pathway development 

 III.    Social, Emotional and Physical Development

The Student Success Plan is intended to support positive social, emotional and physical development, allowing students to more fully engage in the school environment and take the risks necessary for optimal academic performance.  Student success may be exemplified through establishing and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships, managing feelings and emotions, engaging in behaviors supportive of positive physical health, demonstrating an appreciation for the needs of others, and embracing opportunities for academic, career, and postsecondary success.

 Specific Goals:

  • Effective decision-making skills
  • Empathic interactions and community service
  • Utilizing supportive resources
  • Healthy and safe life skills/choices
  • Broadened awareness of self within a global context