Capital Improvement Plan

Five Year Capital Plan FY2024-2029
Five Year Capital Plan FY2023-2028
Five year Capital Plan FY2022-2027-Revised 
Five Year Capital Plan FY2021-2026
Five Year Capital Plan FY2019-2026 Request
Five Year Capital Plan FY2020-2024 (with project update)
* New Items/Details for FY2020-2024 (2018 submission)
Five Year Capital Plan FY 2019 - 2023
Five year Capital Plan FY 2018 - 2022

Facilities Summary (submitted 2016)

Capital Plan- BGP Kitchen Epoxy Floor 7-21-2023
Capital Plan- THS New Camera Installations Stairs Towers-Hallways-Music 7-21-2023
Capital Plan- THS-TMS-TIS Panic Button Integration 7-21-2023
Capital Plan- TIS Window Sash Replacements 7-21-2023
Capital Plan- TMS Security Window Film 7-21-2023
Capital- THS and TMS Locker Room Stalls and Doors 7-21-2023
Capital- TMS Auditorium and Art Wing Roof 7-21-2023
Capital- TMS ManTrap at Main Entrance 7-21-2023
Capital-Dishwasher Conveyer Type
Capital-TMS Paving- Front Lot, Access Road, Football Lot 7-21-2023
Capital Plan THS Cafeteria Table Replacements 8-16-2022
District Radio Recorder 8-18-2022
THS and TMS Stage Lighting Improvements 8-18-2022
THS Field Irrigation Overhaul 8-18-2022
THS Photography Room 65 Improvements 8-18-2022
THS Stage Audio Improvements 8-18-2022
TIS and TMS HVAC Additions to Gym and Cafe 8-18-2022
TIS and TMS Seclusion Room Special Ed Upgrades 8-18-2022
TIS Man Trap at Main Entrance 8-18-2022
TMS Auditorium Seating Replacement 8-18-2022
TMS Concrete Patio and Stair Replacement 8-18-2022

(12-5 and 3-22-2019 Addendum) 
BGP items coming off - Town communication provided on April 9, 2019
 (This link is covering the below items on BGP)

BGP Carpet Replacement/Conversion to VCT

BGP Security Panel/Burglar system

BGP Carpet Replacement/Conversion to VCT

BGP Parking Lot Paving(staff,visitors,bus lane,access Rd)

BGP Air Conditioning A,B,E wings

BGP Boiler Replacement

BGP Roof Replacement Section A-H

BGP Replace Condensing Units

Other items as well

THS Fire Panel
THS Security Burglar Panel
THS Roof Replacement
THS Boiler Water Filtration
THS CO2 Sensor Replacements 
THS Special Ed Renovation
THS Track
TMS Front Concrete Sidewalk Replacement
TMS Surge Protection
TMS Removal of Modular Classrooms
TMS Security-Burglar Panel
TMS Parking Lot Paving
TMS Carpet Replacement
TMS and TIS Geothermal Purge Cart 
TMS and TIS Spare Geothermal Cabinets 
TMS Bus Lot Paving
TMS Cafe Tables
TMS Stage Risers
TMS Track Re-Surface

TIS Surge Protection
TIS Carpet Replacement
TIS Front Door System
TIS Security Burglar Panel
TIS Sidewalk and Vehicle Access
TIS Window Glass Replacements
TIS Basement Custodial Closet
TIS Grease Trap Interceptor
TIS Main Entry Concrete
TIS Nurse Area Renovation
BGP Parking Lot and Road Paving
BGP Security Burglar Panel
BGP Boiler Replacement
BGP Classroom Carpet
BGP Radio System
Tolland BOE Parking Lot
Tolland BOE Window
District LED Upgrades TIS TMS THS 
BOE Artillery Lift

Cloud-Native Network Upgrade
Disaster Recovery Server Upgrades
THS Classroom Tech Upgrades
TIS Classroom Tech Upgrades
TMS Classroom Tech Upgrades
THS Science Lab Upgrades
TIS Science Lab Upgrades
TMS Science Lab Upgrades
THS STEM - Math Enhancement
TIS STEM - Math Enhancement
TMS STEM - Math Enhancement
THS Business Labs Upgrades
THS CADD Lab Upgrades
THS English Lab Creation
THS Graphics Lab Upgrades
THS Music and Art Lab Upgrades
THS World Language Lab Upgrades
TIS Computer Ed Lab Upgrades
TIS Library Lab Upgrades
TIS Keyboarding Lab Upgrades
TIS Library Lab Upgrades
TMS Computer Ed Labs Upgrades
TMS Music and Art Lab
TMS Tech Ed Lab Upgrades

Summary (submitted 2015):

Capital Improvement Plan Summary

Cloud-Native Network Upgrade
Disaster Recovery Server Upgrades
TIS Classroom Upgrades
TMS Classroom Upgrades
THS Classroom Upgrades
TIS Science Lab upgrades
TMS Science Lab Upgrades
THS Science Lab upgrades
BGP STEM Project
TIS STEM Project
TMS STEM Project
THS STEM Project
THS Business Lab Upgrade
THS CADD Lab Upgrades
THS Graphics Lab Upgrades
THS Music and Art Lab upgrades
THS World Language Upgrade
THS English Computer Lab Project
TIS Computer Ed Lab Upgrades
TIS Keyboarding Lab Upgrades
TIS Library Lab Upgrades
TMS Computer Ed Lab Upgrades
TMS Music and Art Lab Upgrades
TMS Tech Ed Lab Upgrades
District Wide Wireless Access Point Upgrades

BGP Air Conditioner
Cafeteria Tables
BGP Chain Link Fence Expansion
BGP Condensing Unit Replacements
BGP Exterior Doors
BGP Paving of Rear Exit and Sidewalks
BGP School Roof Sections A-H
BOE Boiler Replacement and Fuel Conversion
BOE Trailer for Transporting Lifts, Tractors and Snow Lawn Equipment
TIS-Ceiling Tile Replacement
Concrete Repair Rear Sidewalk and Replacement of Trench Drain-BGP
Custodial Burnisher
HVAC and Plumbing Upgrades and Replacements-Various Schools
New Roof-TIS
Paving of Lower Level Loading Dock-TIS
Renovation of 6 Science Labs at TMS
Replacement of Oil Monitoring System at BGP
Replacement of Science Lab Furniture at TMS
Replacement of TMS School Press box and Renovation of Field
Snow Lawn Equipment
THS Expansion of PA System
THS Resurfacing of Track
THS VCT A Wing Hallway
TIS Lecture Hall Carpet
TIS Replacement of Asbestos Floors
TMS Replacement of Fire Alarm
TMS Stage Floor
TMS Ceiling Tile Replacement
TIS Gym Divider
TMS Gym Divider
TMS School roof Section A-S
Warning Transition Strips -THS